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Ways to Lose Up to 5 Pounds in Two Weeks

7 — No Processed Sweets

At all costs, avoid processed sweets that you consume in soda or sweeteners. In fact, try to avoid all processed food items as they contain trans-fat that is indigestible by body. Trans-fat thus get stored and accumulated in body and thus is difficult to get rid of. Replace them with dark colored chocolates, if you must.

6 — Music

It is known that the kind of music you listen to during your workouts actually augment your workout output. While sprinting, for example, if you play music that matches your BPM (Beats per Minute), it will drive you to work harder and better towards sprinting. So, choose your song well!

5 — Sprinting

This is the most important workout exercise that must be done to lose significant amount of body weight that is accumulated extra. Target distance based sprints and do measure calories burnt. Keeping a track of your sprints help you understand and adjust your workout regime which is critical in maintaining a long term workout regime. Make it a point to consume coffee before you sprint as coffee builds your drive. Avoid this step if you’re allergic to it.

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