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Fun Exercises

10 — Jump Rope

Skipping! We all skipped about the play-ground chanting rhymes. Why grow up? There’s no age limit on skipping so who says we have to stop and it it’s good for us all the more reason to carry it. Make yourself feel young again, is a brilliant cardio work out to do while having a load of fun!

9 — Cycling

Save money, save the planet, save time and lose weight! Why haven’t we thought of this before? We don’t even have to make time for it, we could just cycle to work, won’t take us any longer than it would in the car. Bike rides are good with friends or family, make a day trip of it, and don’t see it as exercise see it as a day out.

8 — Yoga

Yoga is hundreds if years old so it must be doing us some good! Not only is it good for your body and health but it is also good for your mind, making you feel relaxed. It’s not all positions we would never get into in a million years, start off simple and you’ll be amazed by what you can do a few months in. Give it a go!

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