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Ways To Show Your Man You Love Him


Guys like to be remembered of things randomly. Just tell him how you feel about it periodically. Reassure him how much you mean to him and let him do the same to you. If you are upset at something, just let him know how much he really means to you and how you want to work through whatever it may be. If everything is going great and exactly how you want, just saying the three words will make your guy blush and a warm inviting smile will most likely arise!

7 — Spoil Him

You know what I mean ladies, give him a night that he always wants, but doesn’t necessarily want to tell you. Do all the work and give him what he wants. And yes girls, this doesn’t mean only sexual things like the picture above, do things that you know he likes when you do it no matter what that could be! It is your time to spoil him to show him how much you care and how much you want him. Have fun with it too, I am sure you know what I am talking about!

6 — Give him a Boys Night Out

Let him get away from you and plan something with all of his guys friend’s that he thinks you are going to, but turns out you are just dropping him off! He will love that you trust him going and hanging with his friends out some place, and he will hopefully just want to be back hanging with you when that time is over! Doing this will show trust and love in a way that differentiates from most—love is about trusting the ones you love, and this is a great way to go!

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