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How TO Get Over Your Ex Fast

8 — Think of the Horrible Times

You two are over, done, never getting back again, so why think of him in ways that you wish you had back? Think of all the times he made you feel like crap, the times where you just got so frustrated you wanted to sit in your room and just cry. Thinking like this will help you get over the boy who broke your heart, and you’ll be able to thank yourself for doing that when remembering all the bad times and things he did to you.

7 — Go Out with your Girlfriends

You are done spending a long time with your boyfriend, and you realized that you have all your girlfriends there for you and that want to spend more time with you! Leave your phone behind and just have fun! Forget about boys, don’t interact with any unless you feel right and you want to! Just enjoy time with your girlfriends and that ex of yours will leave your head in no time

6 — Throw (or Donate) His Stuff

This is a great way to get him out of your mind after you guys are no longer in each others life. Anything that you have of his and use will remind you of him, so why own it if that is exactly what you want? Donate all of his clothes that you have of his, and if you got any other gifts, see if you can donate those as well! If it is personal, then just throw it out. You don’t need it anymore just like you two don’t need each other in your life.

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