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Celebrities Turning 50 in the New Year

6 — Michelle Obama

The First Lady will also be celebrating her 50th birthday in 2014, and we can probably just imagine what an amazing party this will be. It should be interesting to be a part of something so spectacular. You may not know that she is an amazing lawyer. She went to Princeton University and then to Harvard Law School. She has been married to Obama since 1992, and they have two amazing children together.

5 — Keanu Reeves

Reeves most certainly is most famous for his roles in the movie Speed, where he plays Jack Traven, Point Brake (Johnny Utah) in Matrica (Neo). Time, however, did not changed his appearance that much, he still is very handsome. It is almost unbelievable that he will actually be celebrating his 50th birthday in September.

4 — Sandra Bullock

Years really do not show on this gorgeous Hollywood actress. Maybe her amazing beauty comes from the fact she has French, German, English and Irish blood running through her veins. She will celebrate her birthday in July. Bullock already won an Oscar for leading role in movie The Blind Side, but for me her performances in romantic comedies were simply amazing. Just watch The Proposal or Two Weeks’ Notice, I am sure you will enjoy both.

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